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3 Steps To A Successful Date

Taking your romantic interest on a first date that is boring, predictable, and generic is the best way to guarantee you'll never be able to see him or her again.

Instead, you should put thought into not only where you plan on meeting with your date initially, but also where you will take your date later on in the evening when everything is going well.

1) Choose a venue that is casual and non-threatening for a first date. By scheduling to meet someone somewhere that is relaxed and casual, such as a coffee shop, you mitigate the risk of your date feeling threatened by awkwardness. Awkwardness is brewed on first dates by expensive restaurant bills and by silently watching a movie at your local cinema. For these reasons, you should avoid dinners and movies on first dates at all costs. Rather, by meeting at a coffee shop, you not only guarantee that you will have the chance to get to know your romantic interest better, but you will also increase the likelihood of your date actually showing up and not canceling on you. After all, who doesn't love a quick coffee?

2) Plan follow-up venues to take your date to if things go well. After initially meeting with your date at a coffee shop, have other venues in the area that you can take your date to after 30 or so minutes have passed over your cup of coffee. This time, take your partner somewhere fun, interesting, and interactive. An interactive venue, such as a pool hall, will guarantee plenty of opportunities to tease and talk to your partner.

3) Have an activity planned at your residence. After spending several hours with your date, and after chemistry and attraction is established, you can invite your date back to your apartment or home. By suggesting that you make smoothies or dessert at your place, or by offering to fire up your karaoke machine, you'll have the perfect excuse to get your date back to your place.

By following these simple steps, you can truly make your date stand out from the numerous generic dinner-and-movie dates that your romantic interest has been on. Although taking your date out to dinner or to the movies can be okay once you are romantically involved with your partner a little better, first dates are primarily about showcasing your personality, your creativity, and your spontaneity. Show your date that you are the type of person that is exciting and unpredictable, and you can be assured he or she will want to see you again.