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5 Wedding Reception Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid

Most couples are overwhelmed with wedding plans and some things can be overlooked, so here are 5 wedding receptions mistakes that every couple should avoid on their wedding day to make it a success.

#1 Mistake - Not Planning For Changes in the Weather

It is your wedding day and it is your time to shine, so don't let the weather put a damper on it.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding reception at a time when the weather can be unpredictable it is important to have a rain/snow plan in place especially. So be sure to have and alternative location chosen just in case.

#2 Mistake - Not Putting Enough Thought Into the Wedding Catering

While you may not have control over the weather you can control what is served at your wedding.

Before confirming any caterer for your reception do some research on the company that you will be using, by asking other people who have used them before or search the internet for negative reports associated with it.

Best of all ask the person who will do the catering if you could sample the food.

After all you don't want your wedding to be remembered in years to come for being under catered, or for horrible tasting food.

#3 Mistake - Placing The Wedding Cake In A High Traffic Area High traffic areas such as close to the reception entrance, kitchen and dance floor should be avoided if you want your beautiful wedding cake intact for the cutting of the cake ceremony.

#4 Mistake - Not Having A Good Dance Floor Having a large dance floor will encourage more people to get up and enjoy themselves. The dance floor surface should also be smooth and even this will avoid injury and make dancing more pleasurable.

#5 Mistake - Not Taking the Time to Select the Wedding Reception Music Spend some time with the DJ or musicians and make a list of music that you would like to hear at your reception. Don't forget the tastes you're wedding guests, remember you will have various age groups so make it enjoyable for everyone and have a variety of music.