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Business Influence: Success Secrets

I have always been impressed by people who could successfully use the art of influence to help others in good ways. And, now I have learned some secrets.

Learning more about the art of business influence will benefit you in all your business endeavors and is a key to success. I have heard that we are continuously exerting influence, even as the flower also exerts influence by spreading its fragrance in the air.

-- In order to inspire in any situation and help others make a decision for your products or programs, you will need to understand and talk about the source of unhappiness and what may keep your clients up with worry at night. Then establish the transformation which precedes their happiness and help them want more.

-- In order to influence your sales, the outcome or transformation that person will receive from engaging your services needs to be very clear to them. What is it, that if somebody engages in your product or service they will walk away with?

-- Your offer will share the outcome of using your services - their transformation. Once you have identified the outcome, the transformation, then you walk your clients through the processes. You are bringing the transformation alive in their minds.

4 ways to boost sales and make appealing offers to have the right people step forward to work with you:

Focus on the outcome of your enticing offer.

Let people know that this has social proof. Use case studies to show that it has not just worked for me, but there is a system behind this and it is replicable. Say and show things like - 'Shirley Lucas says she lost 40 pounds on this program and it is one of the easiest ways she has found to do this! You are establishing and giving immediate value. Then show your clients where to get more. Your presentation of your program or services is about giving value. You will be giving them some of your best stuff in the areas where they want to transform - and letting them know there is more to come.

Be committed but not attached to a decision - When you are looking to influence, part of being committed is not being attached to their decision. Your service is giving them enough information to make a decision. I learned that quickly when I was a Loan Officer. People can sense when we are concerned about what we want their decision to be.

Use a limit of and a quantity limit every time. It is when you make an offer and it is only good for, say, today. Or if they get back to you by the end of the week, you can still pass that discount onto them. A quantity limit would be the first x number of people will get bonuses or a free report - or the first x number of people will get Q&A access with me for the first 30 days - or I only have 3 appointments available, so those first 3 people to make an appointment today get in. When you can create these types of time and quantity limits, it serves people in helping them make a decision.

What are some ways you can help your clients transform their lives? What are some of your helpful and successful business influence ideas?