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Popular Styles of Men's Leather Jackets

If you were asked the question, 'which style of jacket never goes out of fashion, always looks great, and always looks cool?' Most people would answer 'the mens leather jacket.' No other style of jacket has proved so popular. Throughout the 20th century the jacket maintained a high level of cool, and was as popular in the 1950s, as it was in the 1990s - no other style of clothing can make that claim to fame.

Culturally, we have a penchant for associating mens leather jackets with specific sub cultures, and the leather jacket is particularly iconic of the biker culture. However, in recent years, the jacket has undergone a reinvention. Today, the leather jacket can easily pass as suave and sophisticated, particularly when the right cut is chosen.

The Biker Jacket

Ok, let us start with the style of mens leather jacket that is most famous (or infamous if you prefer). The biker style jacket is associated with the rebel.

This style of jacket suits the more masculine physique, the rugged man, rather than the sophisticated and urban geek chic looks that are currently extremely popular. It can be very difficult to pull-off a good look when wearing a biker jacket and you should wear them only if you have a decent level of confidence in your abilities to dress fashionably, or if you are a biker.

You can achieve an urban look with a biker's jacket, but there are some basic rules. Firstly, you need to make sure that the jacket has a hood; this gives a young feel to the jacket, perfect for the up and coming fashionista. Avoid jackets that have traditional biker logos, such as giant eagles, or the American flag - they belong firmly to the biker culture, and do not lend well to fashion.

The Bomber

Another jacket that has been around a long time, and never seems to go out of fashion. There are many styles of bomber jacket available, and there is usually a style to suit any look. Whether you prefer a sophisticated upmarket look, or you prefer the urban grunge sort of look, you will definitely be able to find a suitable leather bomber jacket.

Bomber jackets are great for downplaying problem areas, such as narrow hips, and emphasising positive features, such as a six-pack. For instance, if you have narrow shoulders, choose a cut with wider shoulders but a tapered waist, this will make the waist appear smaller, and the shoulders larger, thus producing the illusion that you are broader then you are.

The Aviator

This is a style of military jacket made famous through films, such as Top Gun. They form part of the popular military trend. The best way to wear this style of mens leather jacket is to team with other military items, such military boots and combat trousers. Anything military will suit, but jeans will look great too. It is versatile as a jacket, but is for use during informal occasions, rather than formal.