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Purim And Perfume Over Two Thousand Years Old

The most recent Jewish holiday that passed was Purim. Purim is supposed to be one of the most fun holidays, especially for children. Kids dress up in different costumes and people give out gifts to their friends. There are four obligations a Jewish person has on the holiday of Purim. One must give charity to the poor, eat a festive meal, give out two gifts of foods to friends, and listen to the Purim story, called the "megilla". The story of Purim dates back over two thousand years ago and it is a very meaningful story. The holiday is not superficial like some might think with just the wearing of costumes and giving out gifts. Perfume played an important role in the beginning of the Purim story.

King Ahasuerus was the Persian King at the time and he ordered to have a big party in his kingdom. He and his wife, Vashti, decided to have two separate parties after the initial big party. The King ordered Vashti to come to his party, however, she refused and the King had his wife executed. The King became lonely without his Queen around, so he decided to make a beauty pageant and have all of the beautiful women from the surrounding lands come to him so he could look for his new Queen.

The beautiful women prepared a whole year to come before the Persian King. For six months the women used exotic oils to beautify themselves for the King, and the next six months they wore elegant perfume to prepare to see the King. A commentator on this part of the Purim story mentioned that the first six months of beautification were in the winter, when the women doused themselves in myrrh oil. The second six months were in the summer, when the women would wear spices that would cover the bad smell of sweat. The King was basically looking for a wife who was both healthy and beautiful.

King Ahasuerus finally decided on Esther, the most beautiful woman on the inside and outside. She was a Jewish girl and ended up making her way into the King's palace in order to save the Jewish people from being destroyed by the evil ways of Haman (the evil character in the Purim story).

Perfume was a significant tool to beautify the women back in the times of the Persian Empire. Today, women don't exactly beautiful themselves for a whole year long in oils and perfume. It is generally sufficient to just buy a bottle of perfume and wear that once in a while. One recommended perfume is Calvin Klein perfume because Calvin Klein perfume has a classic and romantic smell, with makes like Euphoria and Eternity.

Although the Purim story happened so long ago, perfume was still in existence back then but in a little bit of a different form. Today, women also beautify themselves, although they have a much wider selection of brands for beautifying themselves.