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Skechers Shape Ups Shoes

Introduction to Skechers Shape Up Shoes

Skechers Shape Up Shoes are a new kind of walking shoe that lets you get a workout for your hips, thighs, calves, abs, and back while you're doing your normal walking around. Nurses, teachers, and stay-home parents love these shoes, because they let you get a workout from doing the things you do anyway. In a way, they're the perfect fitness shoes for the modern day because like our smart phones and computers (and like us) they multi-task. Skechers are extremely comfortable, though they do take a short time to get used to, and they cause you to work your body's core muscles because they put your body slightly off its normal balance. A lot of people say they can feel a difference even after the first wearing. A 20-minute walk in Skechers Shape-Ups is a more intensive workout than the same walk in normal walking shoes.

What are their Limitations?

Skechers Shape Ups are amazing shoes, but they are not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise if you want to make major changes to your weight or shape. However, there is no question that they help you tone up your abs, thighs, and buttocks, and strengthen your back. Additionally, people who have chronic heel pain often report improvement in their condition once they start wearing Skechers Shape Ups, and some wearers even report relief of back pain. People who have occupations where they are on their feet all the time tend to get the greatest benefit from wearing these shoes.

Why do the Look Like That?

Some people are put off by the way Skechers Shape Up shoes look. They are thicker under the arch of your foot than your regular walking or workout shoes are, and some people declare them to be "orthopedic" looking. You can definitely tell a difference when you're holding up a Shape Up shoe and examining it, but when you're wearing it, anyone who doesn't have a floor-level view, such as your dog, won't notice. And your dog won't care.

What's it Like to Wear Them?

The first few times you go up and down stairs wearing Skechers will feel strange, so pay attention. You won't notice this once you get used to them though. You should start out wearing them for 20 minutes at a time, and then work your way up to wearing them for longer periods. You probably shouldn't wear them for the first time at the beginning of a double shift, unless you have some back-up shoes handy.

Are there Different Styles?

Skechers Shape Up shoes come in a big range of styles, for women and men, including styles that are work-appropriate, boots, and even sandals. The boots are great looking, and the unusual sole shape is less noticeable with the boots. Skechers has put a lot of work into making these shoes as effective as possible while also being as attractive as possible. One of the most popular styles is the women's Fast Pace style, which is available in either black or white. They're perfect for casual workplaces, most classrooms, and medical settings. Skechers Shape Up shoes are a fantastic way for you to multitask your way to a stronger, more toned figure.