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Tattoo Designs For Guys-designing The Perfect Guy Tattoo

If you are looking for tattoo designs for guys then I am glad you are here reading this today. When a guy get's a tattoo, it is completely different than when a girl gets a tattoo. A girl is just trying to look cute and cuddly, with a man, we need to look like we are strong and able to provide for the females. That is why you should not ever be getting a tattoo of a fairy on your shoulder or anything like that.

1-Location location location

When getting a tattoo, the first thing you need to think about is the location. For a guy, you should never get a tattoo on your chest, lower back, foot, or wrist. The best places for a male to get a tattoo is on the side of their body, the inside of their arm, or on their upper back. Some guys can pull off tattoo's around the calf, but be careful.

2-The color

For most guys out there, the color is one of the toughest decisions they will make when getting a tattoo. But truthfully, the color doesn't mean a whole lot. In our opinion, you are best getting a black and white tattoo to start off with, and if you feel like adding color later on then go for it. Black and white tattoo's look cool and they are cheap.

3-The perfect design

If you are looking for a tattoo that is really cool and you don't really care what kind of value it has behind it, then a henna tattoo with a dragon in the middle looks really cool. You can do so many things with henna tattoos.